control arm

Development Capability

  • Product Design and Development Technologies
    New Product Verification and Validation Product Manufacturing Technology
    Licensed Products and Licensed Technology.
  • Domestic Institutes of Higher Learning Personnel Training
  • Projects with Cooperation of Industries, Universities and Research Institutes Product Testing Equipment and Technology.
  • Develop 100 new items every month.

Quality Assurance Capability

  • Advanced quality testing equipment and our professional technical engineers will inspect the whole production process so as to ensure the high quality of our products.
  • EASY TO INSTALL — Precision tolerances for easy installation and steering alignment giving you a perfect fit right out of the box
  • HIGHLY PRECISE ENGINEERING — Optimized bushings for quiet operation and resistance to wear, salt, road grime, and oils
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE — Available for foreign and domestic nameplates
  • INSTALLATION READY — Pre-installed ball joints with sealed sockets for maintenance-free operation
  • LONG LIFE — Ball stud shape ensures fatigue life, compensating for sag and suspension and adding extra swing when you need it


Robot Welding Production Line
Pull and Push machine
Machining center
Coordinate Detector
Control Arm life cycle machine

CNC Machine

Core marking workshop

CNC machine(Control Arm)