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How to boost car parts sales


Whether you run a car dealership, a garage, or an e-commerce website selling car parts, the chances are that you’re always looking for opportunities to increase your sales.

The good news is that there are many strategies you can implement to grow your business and ensure customers choose you over rival firms. Below, we’ve put together some of your options…

Focus on customer service

The most effective way to grow your business and boost car parts sales is to focus on customer service and offer the best possible experience.

Customers have access to more information than ever before, and whether they’re buying online or in-person, they’ll have researched the parts they need and perhaps your company. You’ll develop a reputation and ensure customer loyalty and advocacy by offering good customer service from day one. 

Establish your brand as a trustworthy, reliable source of information and car parts, and you’ll soon build a name for yourself.

This means going above and beyond the basics. Make your customer service team easily accessible, offer free information and resources on your website and company blog, and consider things like video tutorials on installing brake pads. 

Think about pricing

Now more than ever, consumers want a good product at a fair price.

Whilst you don’t necessarily have to be the cheapest car parts supplier online, it’s worth researching the competition and ensuring your products are competitive.

You don’t need to stock original manufacturers’ parts.

Indeed, there are many benefits to aftermarket brake pads, including price, and you could even consider selling custom-branded brake pads to increase margins. 

Break down your inventory and price products based on their popularity, cost price, and handling costs.

For e-commerce brands, dynamic pricing could be considered to ensure you stay competitive at all times, and limited-time offers and deals could also be an option to drive sales during quieter periods.

Make sure your pricing structure works for your customers and be consistent; if your pricing is sporadic, customers might not want to buy from you. 

Stock what they need

Whether you’re selling directly to consumers or mechanics and businesses, it’s vital that you stock the right car parts that they might need.

At Frontech, our range includes over 10,500 items for personal and commercial vehicles, allowing us to cover a broad spectrum of niches and serve many industries.

Identify customer needs based on search queries and general enquiries and make sure you can stock the core basics, but don’t risk inventory management by overstocking or overstretching yourself.

Many distributors will hone in on a particular customer or market segment – see what works for you and adjust your stock accordingly. 

It’s also worth eliminating obsolete parts.

As demand for specific car parts changes, your inventory should change, too.

Holding too many obsolete parts will tie up warehouse space that could be better utilised in other areas. Analyse your inventory reports to identify slow-moving parts and consider offloading them to other dealers.

You can also sell your obsolete parts online at a premium – as older and outdated items become harder to find, their price will increase, and so will your margin.

Weigh up the benefits of holding onto outdated parts for longer for the occasional high-profit sale versus the cost of storing them. 

Consider third-party marketplaces

Finally, don’t forget that there’s a whole world outside of your e-commerce store or bricks-and-mortar car parts store.

If you want to boost sales, consider expanding onto third-party marketplaces where you can access more customers.

Amazon and eBay are two of the biggest, each offering you access to millions of potential customers.

Granted, you’ll need to compete with other distributors and resellers, but if you’re strategic on marketing and branding, you can outmanoeuvre the competition and become a key player, boosting sales.

Looking for more strategies to boost car parts sales? Stay tuned to the Frontech blog and check back soon for more news, insights, and support from our auto parts wholesale manufacturers.

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