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With the popularity of new energy vehicles around the world, people's requirements for electric vehicles are becoming higher and higher. Since new energy vehicles have no engine noise, other types of noise, such as brake noise, will become more obvious. Therefore, silent performance is particularly important for the braking system of new energy vehicles. The RSR shock absorber pad series brake pads launched by FRONTECH are brake products specially developed for new energy vehicles. The advanced formula and technology can significantly reduce braking noise and vibration.
2024 05 07
This team-building activitynot only exercised our physical fitness, but also enhanced the cohesion of the team. We believe that in the future work, we will unite more closely and jointly create more brilliant achievements.
2024 04 23
Bimetallic brake discs are suitable for high-strength applications such as highways and racetracks, as well as large heavy-duty vehicles such as cranes, concrete pump trucks, etc. For ordinary family cars or commercial vehicles, iron brake discs can be used instead of bimetallic brake discs. Bimetal brake disc has a structure with excellent wear resistance and heat dissipation performance. It is suitable for high-intensity use occasions and large heavy-duty vehicles. The manufacturing process is complex and the production cost is high.
2024 03 15
Lecture Hall on Car Modification Knowledge - Brake Pads
2023 10 09
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Frontech brake pads supplier was established in 2002. It integrates R&D, design, manufacturing and sales, focusing on automotive braking systems. 
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