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Low-metallic brake pads

Low-metallic brake pads are an environmentally-friendly type of brake pad composed mainly of organic and ceramic fibers, and fillers, with a lower metal content compared to traditional semi-metallic brake pads. These brake pads reduce noise and vibration during braking, while providing high sensitivity and better braking performance. Compared to traditional semi-metallic brake pads, they also reduce wear and heat fade on the brake rotor, extending its lifespan.


Furthermore, due to the use of high-strength materials such as ceramic fibers, low-metallic brake pads have good wear resistance and a longer lifespan. They also have good braking stability and are less likely to experience jitter and malfunction during braking. The noise reduction effect is also significant, reducing noise and vibration during braking and improving driving comfort.


Most importantly, low-metallic brake pads have better environmental friendliness. With a lower metal content, they produce fewer harmful substances during braking, which reduces environmental pollution. In the current society's high attention to environmental protection, this environmentally-friendly type of brake pad can better meet people's needs.


Overall, low-metallic brake pads have significant advantages in performance and environmental friendliness and are gradually becoming a mainstream choice in the market. When it comes to car maintenance, choosing low-metallic brake pads is a worthy consideration. Welcome to visit Frontech brake pad suppliers.

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