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Over the last 19 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with distributors across the world and are proud to have established an excellent reputation amongst the automobile community. Alongside manufacturing front and rear brake pads for cars, vans, trucks, and even luxury sports cars, we work with our clients to ensure they are getting the best possible product for their needs and often advise on the best type of brake pads for different vehicles, especially newer models. 

Alongside technical questions, we also often get asked questions relating to order quantities, samples, and shipping times. Below we have outlined some frequently asked questions to help you make the most from our bulk-buy offers and discounts when purchasing your front and rear brake pads through us as your wholesale supplier.

What Type Of Brake Pads Do You Manufacture?

We specialise in manufacturing the top 3 most common types of brake pads which are: semi-metallic brake pads, low-metallic brake pads, and ceramic brake pads. 

You can learn more about the differences between these and our recommendations for which type of brake pads are most suitable for your vehicle, as well as the performance differences between brake pad types in our brake pad guide.

How Many Brake Pads & Accompanying Parts Do You Stock?

Frontech manufactures over 2300 brake pad variations (alongside a further 300 truck brake pad variations), over 3000 brake disc rotors, more than 600 brake shoes, around 300 brake drums, and more than 600 brake sensors. 

With our extensive expertise, we’re able to manufacture and supply brake pads and brake parts for 99% of modern vehicles, as well as provide help and advice to businesses looking to improve the performance of their brake pads to make them last longer. 

We are a top OEM brake pads manufacturer and a top 3 exporter in China with a long-standing 5* rating on Alibaba (as well as 100% on-time delivery rate!).

Which Vehicles Are Your Brake Pads Compatible With?

Our products are compatible with every vehicle brand on the market and almost every modern car model (with some very small exceptions – there are less than 1% of vehicles on the road today we’re unable to supply parts for!). 

We’ve proudly manufactured parts for our distributors and clients for brands including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Toyota, Honda, Ford, and Mazda; amongst many others worldwide. While we predominantly export to Europe (making up 45% of orders), we also export across the Americas (35% of orders), domestically within Asia (15%), as well as Africa and others (making up the remaining 5%). 

What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) On Wholesale Orders? 

Generally, the minimum order quantity for brake pads is 50 sets per brake pad item and 2000 total sets per order. For brake discs, the MOQ is 100 pieces of each item and 2000 pieces total per order. All other parts can be quoted on a case by case basis, but as a general rule, 2000 pieces per order would be the minimum regardless of destination. 

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Usually, we would take a 30% deposit when the order is placed and the final payment will be taken ahead of delivery. If you’re a long-standing client of ours for over 1 year, we can offer a 0 deposit service. 

Can I Order Samples?

Absolutely! We encourage our customers to order a sample ahead of their first bulk order with us. Samples usually arrive within 10-30 calendar days depending on the product specification (brake pads usually take around 10 days and brake discs can take up to 30). 

For all samples, all we ask is that you cover shipping. If you then choose to place a full order with us, the amount you paid for samples will be deducted from your final order total.

Have more queries we’ve not addressed above? Contact our team via our contact form or over the phone.

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