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Custom Low Steel Brake Pads Frontech 1
Custom Low Steel Brake Pads Frontech 2
Custom Low Steel Brake Pads Frontech 3
Custom Low Steel Brake Pads Frontech 4
Custom Low Steel Brake Pads Frontech 1
Custom Low Steel Brake Pads Frontech 2
Custom Low Steel Brake Pads Frontech 3
Custom Low Steel Brake Pads Frontech 4

Custom Low Steel Brake Pads Frontech


Product details of the low steel brake pads

Product Information

Frontech low steel brake pads is endowed with exceptional appearance. Its beautiful design comes from our exclusive designers with strong innovation and design capabilities. With the comprehensive process visualization across all production stages, the product is guaranteed to be zero-defect. With our continual innovation, the product will better fit the market demand, meaning that it boasts a promising market prospect.

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Suitable Vehicle

 Audi; FAW-Audi; Peugeot; Renault; Seat; Skoda; Volkswagen

Reference Number

OE: 10087961 ; 191615415A; 191698451A;  191698451B;  191698451C;  191698451D; 1A0698451E; 1E0698451A; 1H0615415; 1H0698451; 425056; 

FMSI: 7234D34D; 7335D34D 

TRW: GDB1121; GDB823

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4 (12)


 Less metal content, typically made with organic materials and a small amount of metal

Noise-free, reducing brake noise inside and outside the vehicle

Low dust, reducing brake dust buildup around the wheels

Gentle braking, reducing shock and protecting tires and brake systems

Excellent high-temperature tolerance and braking performance, ensuring reliable braking in various road and driving conditions.

Device Parameters

Quality 100% tested Coefficient of Friction 0.35-0.55
MOQ 50 Sets Wear Resistance 0.3mm-0.55mm
Width 123.1mm Heat Resistance 400℃ — 500℃
Height 51.8 mm Guarantee 30000-50000KM
Thickness 16 mm Packaging plastic package + box + carton + pallet
Certification ISO9001, R90, AMECA Noise Level 20dB-40dB
Friction Lining Material Resin; mineral fiber; fiber; 195 graphite; synthetic graphite;heavy metal-mg....etc

Top Choice for Braking

Custom Low Steel Brake Pads Frontech 9
No Noise
Fewer metal particles are used, resulting in reduced noise during braking. This improves driving comfort and minimizes disturbance to the vehicle and its surroundings.
Custom Low Steel Brake Pads Frontech 10
Strong After-sales Technical Support
We provide professional product and technical consultation to help customers address issues and concerns. We offer 24/7 after-sales support to ensure customers can always reach us when needed.
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Coverage for Domestic and Foreign Vehicle Models
Our powerful database supports 99% of vehicle types, meeting your demands for brake products.

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Company Feature

• Frontech Auto Parts's products are of good quality and excellent safety. They are highly praised by consumers and are even exported to many foreign countries including br /> • Our company has a high-quality production management team integrating technology development, product research and development, and market expansion, which provides a solid backing for our rapid development.
• Since the establishment in Frontech Auto Parts has been dedicated to the R&D and production of So far we have mastered the leading technology in the industry.
• Frontech Auto Parts enjoys a superior location with traffic convenience, which creates advantages for outward sales.
Welcome to Frontech Auto Parts. Thanks for your trust and support. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us. We are very glad to be at your service!

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