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Brake Sensors 1
Brake Sensors 1

Brake Sensors

Brake Sensors

Our brake sensors are specially designed to withstand high temperatures generated by long hours of driving and assure excellent electrode conductivity even after thousands of miles on the road - providing safety and high-performance drivers across the world can count on. Each brake sensor is tailored to fit your vehicle model and produced to meet and exceed the strictest OEM standards. We also test our products at 260ºC (500º Fahrenheit) to ensure reliability and quality. (We strongly recommend working with a professional installer when replacing brake sensors to avoid faults.)

Reference No. 29087
Material/Formula Ceramic
Application Compatible with 95% of vehicles
Warranty 50000 km (31,000 miles)
Place of Origin Shandong, China
Brand Frontech
Certification Emark R90
MOQ 50 sets
Samples Available Yes, 1-2 sets
Packaging Plain Box / Frontech Box / Customer Own Brand Box



19 years of experience manufacturing auto brake and suspension systems for personal and commercial vehicles



Distributing to 139 countries worldwide, building our reputation as the top chassis supplier in the industry



A catalog of over 10,500 items, including 3, 500 brake pads, 5,500 brake discs, 900 items brake shoes, and 600 items brake sensors


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    Frontech brake pads supplier was established in 2002. It integrates R&D, design, manufacturing and sales, focusing on automotive braking systems. 
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