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Aftermarket Brake Pads vs. OEM Brake Pads


As a car parts supplier, the chances are that you’re looking for ways to offer customers better value for money and ensure you’re stocking the right products. At Frontech, we’re proud to supply our trade customers with the best aftermarket brake pads. But are they better than OEM brake pads? Should you stock both? Below, we’ve put together the answer to these questions and more…

Pros and cons of OEM brake pads

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons why some consumers favour OEM brake pads is that the original manufacturer sells them. That gives them more confidence that they’re buying a genuine part that will work and deliver the same way as the original. They typically cause less wear on brake rotors, work in all weathers, and offer quieter, softer braking, as consumers see noisy brakes as a problem and want them to be fixed, typically under warranty. Moreover, they often don’t make a lot of dust and can last a long time as they are made from high-quality materials and tried, tested manufacturing processes.

There are, of course, some downsides. OEM brake pads are typically much more expensive than aftermarket brake pads. Some customers don’t care how much their brake pads will cost – they just want them to work. However, most consumers and mechanics are looking for cost-effective solutions, so OEM parts are typically out of the question.

As a supplier of brake pads, you might decide to sell both aftermarket and OEM products to appeal to both markets – those who care about buying ‘official’ items and those who are simply looking for a quality product without breaking the bank. It’s worth speaking to your customers to determine what they’re looking for.

Pros and cons of aftermarket brake pads

Aftermarket brake pads are gaining popularity as consumers look for cheaper alternatives to manufacturers’ products. Especially as prices continue to climb. One of the most significant benefits is the price. Companies like Frontech can produce high-quality brake pads and products at a fraction of the original OEM price. Plus, they can pass those savings onto suppliers and end-users. This is even more important in the world of eCommerce. Consumers and mechanics will likely sort by price when they look for brake pads. Comparison tools like Google Shopping make price an even more critical element.

Of course, price doesn’t mean that aftermarket brake pads aren’t good quality. At Frontech, for example, we follow the same production line as OEM parts. That effectively means our brake pads offer the same quality as OEM parts without the costs. Plus, offering more than 10,500 items means we cover a vast array of personal and commercial vehicles. We also ship to almost 140 countries worldwide, which means you can deliver brake pads to customers wherever they might be. A growing number of resellers look for custom-branded brake pads, another benefit of aftermarket stock. You can sell brake pads with your own custom logo and branding, cementing your business as an authority in the car parts market.

The biggest drawback to aftermarket stock is that your customers won’t enjoy the same warranty that original manufacturers offer. However, at Frontech, we offer an excellent warranty on our parts. We also deal directly with suppliers like you, allowing you to build a strong relationship with our team to create products your customers are looking for. With the right strategy, you’ll easily convince consumers that aftermarket pads are just as good as OEM stock. Thus, reducing prices and increasing your margins.

Do you have any questions about working with Frontech? Get in touch with the team today to find out more.

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