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At Frontech, we pride ourselves on delivering superior quality products for our clients and have expanded our range over the years to cater to the latest car models amongst the most popular brands worldwide. With over 19 years in the industry, we’ve established ourselves as the trusted car, van, and truck brake pads suppliers for many distributors and businesses across the world, which is something we’re exceptionally proud of.

We manufacture and supply a range of premium brake pads across the three main categories: semi-metallic brake pads, low-metallic brake pads, and ceramic brake pads. Our products are low/no noise, 100% asbestos-free for driver safety, and have superior heat dissipation qualities to reduce wear and reduce stopping time. (Our full range is also tested for quality and heat resistance up to 650°C.)

As a brake pads supplier, we understand what’s important to end consumers: alongside braking power, we’ve also created our brake pads to ensure a substantial reduction in dust during use, and also minimised damage/wear to the brake disc rotors and overall braking system. By optimising performance across all areas of the braking system, we’re able to prolong the lifespan of commonly-worn elements and also improve road safety to reduce the chance of accidents. Each of our brake pads also comes with a warranty for use up to 50,000 km (approx. 31,000 miles) so you can rest assured your brake pads will last you a very long time!

The importance of coefficient of friction for vehicle brake pads

We can’t talk about benefits without mentioning friction coefficients! Most suppliers, including ourselves, will use a standardised coefficient of friction rating for their brake pads. This is the ratio between the frictional force and normal force of two surfaces that are directly in contact with each other. This ratio is particularly important as it helps categorise brake pads based on the measured performance when used on different types of vehicles: smaller cars will require less force to stop, and larger vehicles such as trucks will require a much larger force due to their weight (which is also why it’s recommended for larger vehicles to drive slower, even on open stretches of road). 

The range given for different grades of brake pads is the cold and hot coefficients of friction as performance may vary depending on the temperature of the brake. The coefficient of friction is given as a number between 0 and 1. The larger the number, the less pressure is required to generate braking force and therefore stop the vehicle.

What are EE graded brake pads?

EE grade brake pads have a coefficient of friction between 0.25 – 0.35 and are commonly used in European and American car brands and models including Volkswagen, BMW, and Ford.

What are FF graded brake pads?

The most common grade of brake pads is FF, with a coefficient of friction between 0.35 – 0.45. This is the international standard for brake pads and is seen around the world. Our popular, premium low-metallic brake pads have a coefficient of friction of 0.35 – 0.42 (with an average of 0.38).

What are GG graded brake pads?

If you service European cars such as Audi, Volvo, or Mercedes-Benz, you’ll likely be familiar with GG grade brake pads as these are most common across Europe. GG grade brake pads have a coefficient of friction between 0.45 and 0.55.

What are HH graded brake pads?

While less common, HH grade brake pads are still available on the market and most commonly used for racing cars. They have a coefficient of friction of 0.55 – 0.65.

Looking to compare our brake pads to those from your current supplier? Contact us for samples or to place an order. If you experience any quality issues with any of our products we have a 100% return policy (alternatively we can also exchange products that have been shipped in the wrong size).

We also offer a professional one-to-one service for new clients which includes product recommendations during our consultation to ensure you’re getting the best-performing products for your needs. Our customer service team is also on hand to answer any additional queries you may have and we usually reply to emails within 3 hours.

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