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Top tips for starting a car parts eCommerce store


According to one report, the global motor vehicle parts market size is expected to balloon to $2,572.01 billion in 2022, and as consumers and businesses increasingly turn to the internet for parts, launching your own car parts eCommerce store makes sense. Whether you’re already an established player in the sector or you’ve spotted a gap in the market, there’s no denying that car parts is big business, with online sales in the sector growing year over year.

As is the case in eCommerce businesses across all sectors, building trust and offering great quality products at a fair price is the key to success. Below, we’ve put together some advice. 

Stock quality car parts

Perhaps the most obvious piece of advice we can give you is to stock high-quality car parts and products that will help both B2C and B2B customers repair vehicles. Although it might be tempting to cut corners and source cheaper parts, investing in quality stock will help you stand out and allow you to build a reputation for your company over time. At Frontech, for example, we’re proud to manufacture a range of brake discs and car parts that follow the same manufacturing processes as OEM parts and supply them to car parts dealers and mechanics around the world. Working with a manufacturer like us will ensure that customers can access great quality products without breaking the bank, helping your business to grow. 

Make it convenient

Whilst eCommerce has grown a great deal over the past ten years, for bigger purchases such as car parts, many consumers and mechanics prefer to order in person. You can overcome this by making your eCommerce store as easy to use as possible. If customers find roadblocks, they’re going to revert to their local dealership, even if it’s more expensive. Accept all common payment methods, focus on developing a user-friendly website and app and listen to feedback from your customers – the easier it is to find and buy car parts online, the better your business will perform. Cut out unnecessary form fields and landing pages and give customers what they want: access to parts and instructions on using them properly. 

Let customers filter products

On the subject of convenience, it’s vital that you help customers find the parts they need for their make and model of car as quickly as possible. Introduce product filters with categories like make, model, year, trim, engine, and fuel, and try to list every compatible vehicle on each product page to avoid confusion and ensure customers find what they need – if you don’t, you might see buyers returning their items. Product images are also useful and detailed information on warranties and how each product should be installed and used is key. You don’t need to know it all: lean on an auto parts wholesaler for their knowledge. 

Ship quickly

The chances are that your car parts eCommerce store will attract both mechanics and those who are comfortable repairing their own cars. Whether you choose to hone in on a particular sector or go broad, don’t underestimate the importance of shipping your car parts quickly. It’s vital that customers get the parts they need to complete their repairs quickly – after all, their car or van is likely out of action and is stopping them from getting from A to B. Look into the shipping and distribution companies available to you locally and consider offering a next day shipping service, even if you charge an additional fee to customers. The faster the goods leave the warehouse and enter your customers’ hands, the more satisfied they’ll be with you.

Focus on building trust 

It’s really important that you spend time building trust with potential customers and develop a reputation for being a reliable, efficient eCommerce player. The truth is that it’s easy for both mechanics and everyday consumers to buy from unreliable companies and end up with faulty or second-hand goods, so go out of your way to build trust through content marketing. The more free advice and support you can give to potential customers before they buy, the quicker you’ll build your reputation and authority for being an expert in car parts. Write blog posts, record videos, and get into the minds of your customers. By answering commonly-asked questions before they get in touch, you’ll show them you’re on their side. 

You can automate many parts of this process, such as by installing a chatbot to answer basic questions and sending shipping updates and follow-up emails to customers to ask for reviews and feedback. In time, you’ll become the highest-rated seller in your industry. 

Customer support is key

As we’ve just touched upon, customer service cannot be overlooked when selling goods like car parts online. Even with detailed product descriptions and filters, you’ll still find customers who need extra support. Getting product literature into the hands of your customer service representatives is important – make them champions of your car parts and be sure they know how to answer customers’ questions. Respond to feedback, liaise with your car part manufacturers when things go wrong, and keep your clients at the forefront of your mind.

You won’t get it right every time, but if you’re consistent, customers will thank you for it.

If you’re ready to get started with your own eCommerce store and are looking for a brake pad and brake disc manufacturer and supplier, you can depend on the team at Frontech. 

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