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How often should you change brake discs on a car or van?


As a car mechanic or car part wholesaler, the chances are that you’re often asked by your customers how often they should change their brake discs.

Replacing discs as and when needed is an essential car maintenance practice that cannot be overlooked.

Replacing old rotors and installing new ones will make the braking system more efficient, resulting in smoother and safer driving. But how can you know when brake discs have worn out and when they need to be replaced?

Below, we’ve put together tips to help you and your customers answer this common question. 

Take a look

Perhaps the most obvious way to see whether your brake discs need to be replaced is to look at them yourself. Turn your steering wheel until your car’s wheels point to the left or right, and you’ll have a great angle to see the entire braking system.

From there, you can review the thickness of your brakes – if they’re less than a quarter of their original thickness, it’s time to change them. Rotors should be smooth – there should be no rough patches or grooves. If there are, it could be time for new ones. 

Listen to your brakes

Next up, consider listening to your brakes to determine whether they need to be replaced. A grinding sound from your car’s brake system indicates that your brake pads are worn and should be replaced as soon as possible. Other noises to listen out include squeaking and squealing, which could suggest the brake rotors are worn. Either way, taking the car to a garage to be fixed makes sense. 

Use the Antilock Braking System (ABS)

Rather than lying on the ground of your driveway or trying to listen out for squeaks when you’re on the road, you should let your car tell you. Many Antilock Braking Systems (ABS) will now alert drivers to worn brakes and encourage them to replace them as soon as possible.

The sensors will automatically relay important information to your car’s dashboard. In some cases, it will automatically let the car garage know. 

Head to a garage

In the United Kingdom, cars must receive an MOT from a qualified mechanic every year. This is a great opportunity for the mechanic to review your car’s brake discs and ensure they’re performing as they should. If they aren’t performing at their best, your car might fail its MOT.

It’s also worth having your car serviced every 12 months or after every 10,000 miles to identify issues such as wear and tear on your brakes. It’s better to rely on an experienced mechanic than guess about safety. 

How long should brake discs last?

One common question your customers may ask is how long brake discs should last.

The truth is, there’s no hard and fast rule in this case: there are so many factors to consider.

How the car is driven, the type of car, the quality of the discs, and the road and weather conditions can all impact a brake disc’s lifespan. As a rough guide, you can expect brake discs to last anywhere from 20-70,000 miles.

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