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How To Save Money on Brake Pads as a Distributor


In today’s times where both businesses and consumers are looking to cut costs without compromising on quality, it’s important to work with suppliers that you can depend on. 

Running a car parts business means you have to spend time sourcing the right products for your customers and doing so at a price that makes sense for everyone. So how can you save money when buying your brake pads as a car parts specialist, and what strategies should you follow to maximise your profits? Below, we’ve put together our recommendations. 

Buy in bulk

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to save money on buying brake pads is to order in bulk. There are, of course, pros and cons to ordering hundreds or even thousands of pads at once, so you should weigh these up before getting started. Typically, ordering in bulk means that the manufacturer will offer you discounted pricing, and that means you can pass on those savings to your customers. The biggest drawback, on the other hand, is that you’ll be investing in stock that’s yet to be sold, so you should only buy brake pads that you know are going to be in high demand to maximise your return on investment and avoid wasting cash. 

Put quality first

Without a doubt, the best way to save money on brake pads is to invest in quality over cost. It can be tempting to cut corners and look for ways to shave off a few pounds when you’re buying brake pads for your B2B or B2C business, but doing so could seriously damage your reputation and ultimately lead to a loss in sales. To maintain your reputation as a car parts supplier or distributor, you need to put quality at the heart of what you do. When you work with Frontech as your brake pads supplier, we’ll provide you with samples so that you can see what you’re buying before placing a larger order. We just ask that customers undertake the courier cost, which will then be refunded when you place an order. We’ve worked hard over the years to develop quality products at competitive prices and respect every customer as our friend. We’re passionate about quality products and building long-term relationships with our partners, and will do everything we can to support your business and its ambitions. 

Look at their payment terms

Another way to save money on brake pads is to consider the supplier’s payment terms; the more flexible and lenient they are, the easier it’ll be to sell stock and keep customers happy. For example, at Frontech, we ask for a 30% deposit when manufacturing your brake pads, and only charge the remaining 70% when we’re ready to ship your products. This allows you to place large orders for your customers without having too much of an impact on your cash flow. For our valued customers who make timely payments and have a good reputation, we also allow customers to place orders without deposits after a year. It’s also worth noting that we have generous minimum order quantity values; for brake pads, for example, it’s just 50 sets of each item and 2,000 sets for one order. For brake discs, it’s 100 pieces of each item. 

This means that, if you’re looking for specific brake pads but don’t want to buy them in bulk, you don’t have to – just get in touch if you have any specific questions or order requirements.

Work with one supplier

Finally, another way to save money on brake pads is to buy from one supplier. There are a number of reasons why: first up, placing one order rather than five or six means you’ll only have to deal with one sales team, reducing administrative time and costs. Shipping can also be reduced if you’re placing a large order in bulk from one manufacturer, rather than several smaller orders from different companies. At Frontech, we manufacture more than 2,300 different types of brake pads, 3,000 brake disc rotors, and 600 brake sensors covering 99% of cars on the road today. We’re one of the biggest brake pad manufacturers in China, and because of this, you can depend on us for all of your brake pad requirements for all clients. 

We also supply OEM brake pads, OEM brake discs, OEM brake drums, organic brake pads, and ceramic brake pads for all car brands and sub-brands, including BMW, Mercedes Benz, AUDI, PORCHE, Toyota, Honda, Ford, and more. As a manufacturer, we can also work to your requests and listen to your feedback and recommendations for future product lines. 

If you have any questions about working with us for all of your brake pads requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team. You can call +86-546-7766444 or click here to find out more. We hope to work with your business soon and develop a fruitful relationship. 

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