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Introducing Frontech’s Premium Brake Pad and Accessories Range


Top brake pad supplier and manufacturer, Frontech, has just unveiled their latest product ranges on their website: products include brake pads for trucks and standard vehicles, durable brake discs and brake drums that can be fitted on almost all commercial fleets, and brake kits and other accessories – all compatible with 99% of today’s automobile markets.

Explore the range:

Truck Brake Pads

As brake pad specialists and manufacturers, Frontech supplies high-quality, certified truck brake pads that are able to shorten braking distance and improve driver safety. All brake pads are specially engineered to eliminate noise, dissipate heat more quickly, and are high-temperature resistant to improve braking performance.

Brake Shoes

Frontech’s semi-metallic brake shoes go through a heat treatment process known as “post-curing” to help remove uncured resin and increase braking power with a shorter break-in time. The precision-engineered OE style design ensures an excellent fit and no-hassle installation All brake shoes are 100% asbestos-free and copper-free, and provide consistent braking performance, even with long-term use. The durable, steel-enforced design also features a rust-resistant coating for rust prevention and extended durability.

Brake Sensors

These brake sensors are specially designed to withstand high temperatures generated by long hours of driving and assure excellent electrode conductivity even after thousands of miles on the road – providing safety and high-performance drivers across the world can count on. Each brake sensor is tailored to fit any vehicle model and produced to meet and exceed the strictest OEM standards. Frontech test all products at 260ºC (500º Fahrenheit) to ensure reliability and quality. 

Vehicle Brake Pads

Frontech’s years of experience enable them to create premium brake pads of all types from semi-metallic, to low-metallic, and ceramic brake pads – providing outstanding braking performance for a range of vehicle types and models, from cars to vans and trucks. Frontech brake pads are silent, 100% asbestos-free, with superior heat resistance up to 650°C, and substantial dust reduction. As an added bonus, all brake pads come with a long-range warranty. 

Brake Lining

Frontech’s brake lining products are specially crafted and designed for improved performance as they have a higher friction coefficient and improved heat resistance compared to many products on the market today. The brake lining materials used are also more resistant to abrasion, even with long-term use, ensuring more gradual wear and almost silent performance. This makes it easier to brake smoothly and also prevents damage from external elements such as dust, water, and dirt.

Brake Kits

Explore Frontech’s extensive range of brake kits with over 1,800 parts to choose from! Kits are tailored for a high-performance braking system update for your vehicle or fleet. Enquire at sales@frontech.com to find out more. 

Brake Drums

Frontech’s high-quality brake drums have powerful stopping power and are able to absorb and dissipate heat evenly whilst maintaining maximum structural integrity, even with heavy use. Fight off surface rust and maintain their new-like appearance over time thanks to the Frontech performance guarantee.

Brake Discs

Frontech’s brake disc range is compatible with vehicles across the entire automobile market: with products ranging from carbon-ceramic discs for the most exclusive cars, floating and co-cast discs for sports and premium models, and one-piece discs for medium-sized and city cars.

Contact The Frontech Team

You can contact Frontech at any time via the contact form, via email at sales@frontech.com, or by sending a message on WhatsApp at +86 1531 832 9151 where a member of the team will be happy to assist. 

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