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Brake Pad Performance In Hot Summer Weather


As leading wholesale suppliers and distributors of semi-metallic, low-metallic, and ceramic brake pads, we work with clients across the world to help them choose the right products for their end-users, as well as helping them stay ahead of their local competitors by providing ongoing support and advice. 

With new car models and upgrades being released all the time, many brake pads distributors trust us to keep them up to date with new vehicle trends across different regions. As the performance of brake pads can vary depending on terrain, geographic location, and even time of year due to changes in temperature, it’s important for brake pads supplies (such as ourselves) and distributors to be aware of these variations and ensure they have sufficient stock to see them through the season.

Different types of brake pads are also recommended for different vehicle types, for example, semi-metallic brake pads are extremely common in America as many people tend to drive larger vehicles such as SUVs and trucks, which perform best with the smooth-braking technology of our semi-metallic brake pads. (You can compare brake pad performance in our guide: https://frontech.com/blog/the-mechanics-buying-guide-compare-brake-pad-performance-use).

Thinking about the time of year, for many of us in the UK and Europe, we’ve experienced record-high temperatures lately and this, too, can have an effect on brake pad performance. As low-metallic brake pads are very common in European for car makes such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz; our UK brake pads distributors have seen a spike in orders for low-metallic brake pads as the hot weather is revealing issues with brake pads that consumers were previously unaware of, thus prompting a service to get them changed. 

In high temperatures, drivers may need to exert more pressure on the brake system to bring their car to a halt. This is because stopping a vehicle in the first place requires a lot of friction, which in itself also generates a lot of heat. In order to remain in working order, the brake system needs to be able to dissipate heat quickly to prevent further damage or loss of control. As the roads may also be softer than usual, additional force is required to slow a vehicle down – and on top of that, the brake system is already very hot! All these factors can contribute to faults, which is why it’s very important to ensure your car has been serviced (especially if you go on regular long trips) and it’s been checked by a mechanic if you see, smell, or hear anything unusual when driving in hot summer weather. 

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